Dr. Kathleen Cosby-Tabb

Dr. Kathleen Tabb serves as the Pastor of Healing Waters Church,
located in the heart of Southwest Philadelphia.” A church "with a heart for the people." It is in this neighborhood that she grew up in and she counts it a blessing to return; to serve God and the community. 
She has a big heart for God, lots of experience in life, and a strong love for people, which allows her to speak wisdom and truth into the lives of so many and to encourage and challenge them to step out on faith. She has been featured as the keynote preacher at several conventions, revivals, and retreats. Dr. Tabb, also enjoys doing door to door evangelism, ministering in the prison system, nursing homes, and holding prayer vigils in the Philadelphia area. 


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Dr. Tabb is Founder/Overseer of Strong Sisters of Faith, a ministry that encourages young ladies /women to seek their gifts and to use them in the body of Christ and to impact their families, their churches, and their community for Christ.  Our goal is to build  wholeness and balance both spiritually and mentally through God’s Word by  committing to the Ministry of  Prayer, Evangelism, Mentoring, and Counseling.

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Educational Background:
​Dr, Kathleen Cosby-Tabb holds the following degrees: a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Christian Counseling (from Chesapeake College) ) and is currently in private practice as a licensed Family and Marriage Therapist
 ( http://www.clinicalchristiancounseling.com) a Master’s Degree in Theology (from Palmer Theological Seminary) and Graduate Studies in Elementary Education (from West Chester University)
In addition, Dr. Tabb is the author of Coffee Cup Devotions which features inspiring reflections about God’s Word.  

She is the producer and host of the Strong Sisters of Faith weekly radio program, and can be heard on WTMR (8OOAM Dial in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware) every Saturday @9ooam